What is this?

Original, customized music for advertisers, games, artists, and media, created with a focus on immersive sound design and artistic composition.

Who is this?

Steve Woodzell is a producer, composer and musician in Brooklyn. Beginning as an idle pasttime for a 12-year-old in the mid-90s, Steve’s production efforts have grown into prolific work with artists, musicians, studios, and major label producers and singers.

What does it do?

The goal of RogueTone is to offer a collaborative, fully customized music service that brings together the best of artistic indulgence and diligent execution.

Whether creating an atmosphere, invoking a lifestyle, guiding emotions, or providing a memorable touchpoint for an audience, each project is approached as a unique opportunity for creative exploration, with every detail from the musical nuance to the technical context fastidiously attended to.

RogueTone is all about giving you the ear candy you need. Let’s talk!